Michigan is the tenth most populous of the 50 United States, with the 11th most extensive total area, and the largest state by total area east of the Mississippi River. Michigan’s capital is Lansing, and its largest city is Detroit. Although Michigan has come to develop a diverse economy, it is widely known as the center of the U.S. automotive industry, being home to the country’s three major automobile companies (whose headquarters are all within the Detroit metropolitan area). While sparsely populated, the Upper Peninsula is important for tourism thanks to its abundance of natural resources, while the Lower Peninsula is a center of manufacturing, services, and high-tech industry. The U.S. Economic Development Administration estimated Michigan’s 2014 gross state product to be $417.306 billion, ranking 13th out of the 50 states.

State Department of Agriculture

MDARD is comprised of six divisions that use a customer-driven, solution-oriented approach to cultivate and expand new economic opportunities for the food and agricultural sector; safeguard the public’s food supply; inspect and enforce sound animal health practices; control and eradicate plant pests and diseases threatening the $101.2 billion food and agriculture system; preserve the environment by which the farming community makes their living and feeds consumers; and protect consumers by enforcing laws relating to weights and measures.

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Michigan Made: The people behind Michigan-Made.com are Michigan natives who have lived their entire lives in Michigan and raised their families here. Despite the current economic slump, we know that our state and the people in it have many awesome strengths that can help put us back on top. We invite other Michigan entrepreneurs to join us in our mutual quest to achieve real and lasting success.