Maine is the northernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Maine is the 39th most extensive and the 41st most populous of the U.S. states and territories. The most populous city of Portland.  The capital is Augusta. The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that Maine’s total gross state product for 2010 was $52 billion. Its per capita personal income for 2007 was US$33,991, 34th in the nation. Maine’s agricultural outputs include poultry, eggs, dairy products, cattle, wild blueberries, apples, maple syrup, and maple sugar. Western Maine aquifers and springs are a major source of bottled water.

State Department of Agriculture

The DACF helps guide Maine’s 21st-century natural resource economy by supporting the creation of new jobs and businesses, improving and supporting existing land-based industries and streamlining regulations. We strive to provide excellent customer service and we facilitate a team approach to land-use planning, conservation efforts and economic activity. Our professionals work each day to strengthen the base of scientific research and information for effective decision-making.

Maine Made: This site is managed by the State of Maine Made Made Program which builds recognition for Maine products, their producers, and Maine industries. Over 2,000 Maine companies offer a wealth of items created from wood, granite, field and farm.