State-Based Incubation Programs

As part of the state-based programming, we will be talking about incubators, accelerators, economic development groups, SBDC offices and others who help brands getting to the next step. Our team is available to discuss needs as well.

Partnering With Incubators and Accelerators

The Co-Packing Network has a complete roster of food and consumer industry incubators and accelerators available for discussions with brands of all-sizes.   Start-up and Emerging Brands work with incubators and accelerators for a-number of reasons including mentorship, funding, access to key industry advisors, access to potential customers, trade shows and more.

  • The number of consumer product industry incubators and accelerators is growing.
  • Both incubators and accelerators maybe for-profit, non-profit, industry based and more.

 Potential clients and partners for incubators and accelerators include: