Made in State Programming

State Proud was founded with a mission to support local agriculture and businesses by filling in the gaps where State Department of Agriculture programs related to consumer products were lacking in certain states. By collaborating with existing state-based programs like Go Texan, State Proud strengthens the reach and impact of these initiatives. For instance, in states like California, where no State Department of Agriculture program existed for promoting locally made products, State Proud is stepping in to bridge this gap. By developing and implementing programs tailored to the unique agricultural offerings of each state, State Proud ensures that consumers have access to high-quality, locally sourced goods, while also fostering economic growth and preserving regional heritage.

The collaborative approach of State Proud extends beyond state lines, as it actively partners with existing programs to create a network that celebrates local products and businesses across the nation. By enhancing and expanding current initiatives and developing new ones where needed, State Proud plays a crucial role in promoting and sustaining local agriculture, helping consumers make informed choices about the products they purchase, and fostering a sense of pride in supporting their own communities.