In-State Manufacturing (All-Types)

State Proud, in partnership with The Co-Packing Network (, has taken significant steps to bolster local consumer product initiatives across various states. One of their innovative offerings is the Commercial Kitchen Search Tool, which empowers entrepreneurs and food artisans to locate commercial kitchens in their areas that they can rent for producing their own goods. Additionally, they are actively involved in recruiting and even helping establish new commercial kitchens, addressing a vital need for many aspiring producers. Moreover, State Proud’s extensive network of 43,000 consumer product contract manufacturers plays a crucial role in catering to specific in-state needs, facilitating collaboration between producers and manufacturers to bring high-quality, locally sourced products to market efficiently.

Furthermore, State Proud is at the forefront of creating incubation template programs tailored to the unique requirements of both farmer’s markets and commercial kitchens. These programs provide essential support and guidance to consumer product partners, both existing and future, enabling them to thrive within their local communities. By offering these resources and tools, State Proud and The Co-Packing Network are playing a pivotal role in nurturing entrepreneurship, encouraging local product development, and contributing to the growth and sustainability of the regional economy.